Meridius Manina Mild Smokeless Moxa

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Meridius® Manina is a smokeless Korean moxa made from 100% real mugwort, also known as “artemesia vulgaris” or “ssuk” in Korean.

This herb is believed to have traditional medicinal properties that could help blood circulation and increase the general state of well-being.

Meridius Manina Moxa can help reduce pain, muscle spasms and swelling and can be useful to improve the blood and lymphatic circulation.

The average temperature on the skin where Meridius Manina Moxa is applied is 43.5 degrees Celsius the equivalent of 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Meridius Manina Moxa is safe, patient-friendly product as the ash is designed to not fall off the cone. Even more, this moxa includes 40 pre-application plasters and lasts two times longer compared to to standard stick-on moxa.

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