10 Free Online Fitness and Wellness Resources

10 Free Online Fitness and Wellness Resources

While the world is stuck at home, more and more people are realising that their health and wellbeing might be negatively affected. From muscle stiffness from being sedentary to anxiety caused by the news cycle, it’s become difficult to adjust to such a dramatic shift in our society.


As a health professional, you’re likely trying to find ways to help your patients, even if you can’t conduct your appointments as usual. From physiotherapists helping others manage existing conditions to masseuses and acupuncturists concerned about their clients’ stress levels, there’s a lot of responsibility to take care of others.


If your clients and patients are asking for advice on how to stay fit and healthy at home, we’ve got the information you need to help them out.


We’ve put together this list of great free online videos to share and, of course, use yourself!


  1. Yoga with Adriene


Yoga with Adriene has become somewhat of an online movement. Fronted by the charming Adriene Mishler, this YouTube channel started several years ago, putting out free yoga videos between ten and 60 minutes long.


Adriene talks viewers through each asana and has innumerable videos for everyone from beginners to pros. Immensely popular, this is one of the best yoga channels anywhere online. She also has videos on meditation and gentle yoga focusing on breathing and stress relief.


  1. Barry’s


The notorious Barry’s Bootcamp is one of the sweatiest workouts around and now anyone can do Barry’s classes from the comfort of their own home. Instructors are posting home workout videos on the official Instagram page, usually around 20 to 30 minutes long.


You can scroll through their online workouts and most require no equipment. They also have resistance band workouts, ideal for clients who you know have resistance bands at home and want to do a serious workout.


  1. Joe Wicks


Joe Wicks has certainly made a name for himself during this crisis and has brought fitness and laughter into the homes of millions. While you might know him for his daily P.E. classes for kids (and adults!), his YouTube channel also has videos for seniors and adults alike.


  1. Peloton


Peloton is an app that leads you through cycling workouts with their proprietary exercise bike but don’t worry if you don’t have one, they’re currently offering a 90-day free trial of their app and it contains videos for all sorts of workouts.


Their yoga and running workouts will be most useful for those under lockdown and it’s well worth using the free trial opportunity.


  1. Orange Theory


Orange Theory is a fitness studio company who are now offering brilliant workouts online through their website and Instagram channel. Using bodyweight exercises and sometimes simple equipment such as exercise mats and resistance bands, the instructors lead viewers through clearly explained and demonstrated exercises.


  1. Blogilates


Blogilates is the brainchild of Cassey Ho, an award-winning exercise instructor who has more YouTube fitness videos than you could do in a lifetime. Based around Pilates, Cassey has a vast range of workouts, often targeting specific areas or aiming for particular goals.


The videos are aimed at the home workout sector so typically require no equipment other than an exercise mat. This makes it ideal to share with clients who want a fun workout with an endless array of options, all for free.


  1. Headspace


Not a workout for the body, Headspace is an app that gives your mind the attention it needs. Created by Andy Puddicombe, a former Buddhist monk, this app contains a whole library of guided and non-guided meditations.


While the full library requires a premium account to access, there is a basic free account that offers exceptional meditations and techniques to calm the mind. During the COVID-19 crisis, Headspace is also offering stress-relieving meditations for free from their existing premium range, Weathering the Storm.


  1. Core Power Yoga on Demand


Usually a subscription service, Core Power Yoga on Demand has a big range of free home workout videos available during the crisis. All based around yoga but seriously tough workouts, all you need is an exercise or yoga mat and you can follow along with the video.


  1. YMCA 360


The YMCA has a small library of online workout videos, some of which can be done at home. These are all free to access and includes workouts for kids and seniors too. You can find workouts like barre, yoga, tai chi and weightlifting on the site.


  1. FLY LDN


This London yoga studio has a small range of short yoga flow and HIIT videos available for free on its YouTube channel. Little known compared to the others on this list, the FLY LDN studio instructors still provide excellent videos and can be done in your own home with just an exercise mat for company.



Keeping Yourself and Your Clients Fit and Healthy

It can be frustrating for health professionals to feel unable to help their clients and patients. Yours might be asking you how they can stay healthy at home and with these free resources, there’s something for everyone to do.


This is just a small sample of the available free classes out there, but it covers classes for beginners, seniors, children and everyone in between.


You can also create your own videos for your patients, specifically aimed at them and their individual needs. You can read more about how to do that here.


If you need any home workout or clinic equipment, you can check out our resistance bands, exercise mats and other products online. If you need any help, you can reach our team by email during the COVID-19 crisis.


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